What’s The Value Of Coaching?

A Different Approach To Personal Development.

What Exactly Is Coaching?

  • ask the client questions to help them get clarity on where they are going,
  • draw out information about where they are now,
  • help them figure out how to bridge the gap to get there.

Taking Coaching To A Deeper Level

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein

Where Can Coaching Be Used?

  • I’ve made two large shifts in my career and both times have used a coach to help guide me. Being able to talk through the jumble of ideas in my mind and turn them into a clear picture meant it was then much easier to see what my next steps were, and more decisive in the opportunities I chose to follow.
  • I invested in a coach when moving into the first 100 days of one of these roles — and this was invaluable. My coach provided an independent perspective which helped me to step away from the busy-ness and overwhelm of the new role to think about the impression I was making, how I wanted to shape the role to fit with my life, and therefore what was important to get right and what could be left.
  • As a manager I found it extremely useful to be able to discuss with my coach the challenges I was having with the staff I managed, understanding how to motivate them, how to approach difficult conversations, what might be going on at the individual level. Without the coaching support, I would have been much less confident in myself and would have struggled to form good working relationships.
  • A few years ago I hit a point where I was self-sabotaging. Every time I pushed myself to get clear on a goal and set myself a plan I found it really difficult to carry out that plan. In fact, I often found myself doing the opposite. Working with a coach on this led me to some deep realisations about how I thought I should do things — and it ended up that when I stopped trying so hard the actions naturally flowed. Working with a coach isn’t always about taking more action — sometimes it’s about stopping doing things and letting go.
  • I’ve coached owners of many start-ups and small businesses, helping them to step out of the day to day running of the business and look at where the business is going overall so that they can refocus on the things that are really important.
  • I’ve also coached many people around their career goals — from top-level big picture mission level discussions down to annual or even monthly objectives and skills development — both as their manager as well as in preparation for meetings with their manager.
  • Coaching can also be fantastic for helping you to build and strengthen a skill — especially soft skills like communication, leadership or even coaching itself. When I was first learning to coach, my coach helped me review and refine what I was learning, reflect on how I was applying the skills, and maintain my motivation.

What Value Does Coaching Bring?



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